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The iPat’s PATENTED INVENTIONS team informs you that, despite the health situation we are going through, we continue to serve our customers on schedule and offer our services with the same quality. While this exceptional situation lasts and fulfilling our duty to avoid contagion and contribute to the situation worsening, we assist you through the telephones, email accounts and  CONTACT FORM displayed on our website.

Thanking everyone for their collaboration, we remain at your service.


iPat’s PATENTED INVENTIONS is a meeting platform that allows both inventors and investors to know interesting proposals, ideas, and inventions for commercialization. We offer you the conversion of a patent or utility model into a real product on the market.

The experience of HEDA PATENTES Y MARCAS in its 30 years in the sector, occupied in the Processing, Surveillance, Maintenance and Defense of the industrial property rights of our clients, enables us to carry out this work advising you at every step of the process and clarifying all the doubts that arise. Professionalism and effectiveness of a whole multidisciplinary group of professionals at the service of the success of your idea.

We bring your proposals to investors who will make the commercialization of your invention a reality.

Easily find interested in marketing your PATENTED INVENTION

The first step to get your invention commercialized is to know how to advertise it: Nobody buys what they do not know.

Have you unveiled your patented invention? Do you want to get an investor for the project? Do you want to sell or rent your patent, utility model or industrial model?

iPat ́s PATENTED INVENTIONS: Professionals who are experts in making your PROJECT VISIBLE and turning it into a MARKET PRODUCT through MANUFACTURERS and DISTRIBUTORS.

Are you looking for an INVESTOR to market your INVENTION?

Our experience in Industrial Property allows us to have investors looking for innovations and new projects.

If you want to publicize your invention we will be happy to insert it on this website, for this you just have to fill in the following form..

If you want to request the processing of your patent under confidentiality commitment you only must fill in this FORM..


Bringing inventions to investors and vice versa


Heda Patentes y Marcas is an Authorized Patent and Trademark Agency governed by Álvaro Herrera Dávila, Official Industrial Property Agent registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office as confirmed by the following link. We understand that this is a useful mechanism for those interested in the registration of patents, trademarks and designs to know that they are being attended by an accredited professional who has the appropriate specialized knowledge in the field.

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