Investing in patented inventions products, objects, machinery, systems, novel processes), endowed with exclusive rights for their exploitation and consequently the right to prohibit, is something attractive for investors in general and for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the sector, since the patent guarantees the lack of competition in the market.

Having a monopoly in the market during the years of life of the patent or utility model gives the investor peace of mind that is impossible to achieve by any other means. And the fact is that entrepreneurship is free unless it is in its path with an industrial property right such as the patent.

The patent and the utility model can extend its exclusive right to the whole world, starting by first securing its priority right in the country of origin, which is usually the country where the inventor resides. For at 12 months to enter PCT and at 30 in the national phase.

Heda is aware of the value and advantages offered by the patents of its clients and those entrusted to us for their commercialization and as an Industrial Property Agency it knows financiers interested in investing in patents, entrepreneurs attracted by the exploitation of exclusive rights.

Heda, through its portal iPats INVENTOS PATENTADOS makes available to investors and entrepreneurs a wide range of inventions and offers the holders and inventors of these patents an investment plan or an exploitation plan in the best possible conditions.

The protocol to be followed is as follows: The owner of the patent or utility model communicates to Heda his desire to find an interested in exploiting his patent on the market, benefiting from the exclusive right of the same. Previously the patent or model has been inserted in the portal so that any interested party can get the best idea of its constitution and operation, its advantages and solutions to the problems raised. From there begins the negotiation aimed at drafting the license agreement that determines the royalties or royalties to be paid by the licensee and under what circumstances, as well as the other clauses of the contract.

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