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Together with the insertion of the patent or the utility model on our website we offer complementary to our customers the preparation and sending of a promotional mailing to companies in the sector. We chose postal mail, not electronic mail, because the first is more secure and reliable, since the second, electronic mailing, has a bad reputation for the misuse that is made of it. However, if a customer requests it, we can also do electronic mailing.

We have sectorized databases of more than 800,000 companies to send mailings either by email or by postal mail promoting the advantages of their patent or utility model referred to both exclusivity in the market eliminating all competition and technical advantages and offering them their license

With this we try to give animation and promotional effect to the simple publication of patents and utility models on the web, moving these from a static state to a dynamic one and gaining in chances of finding a licensee.

We think it is more effective to use the name and data of the agency, Heda Patentes y Marcas, S.L., because this is a widely known and prestigious company in addition to having extensive experience in the patent and trademark sector.

We reproduce below a standard letter that reflects in a general way the content of the mailing that we have prepared. The data in this sample are all fictitious, none are real, and serve the purpose of giving the best overall impression.

For the subsequent follow-up of the fruit that results from these contacts we will always be in the integral advice of our clients, from the offer, the negotiation, the approach of the subject, the preparation of both exclusive and non-exclusive license agreements, the fulfillment of the clauses of these, etc.

We believe that with this we fulfill a task of frank need for our clients, such as the fact of advising them in the commercialization of their patented inventions.


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Precio a convenir

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